Philip stocks and can source a range of natural, salt water pearls from many origins thoughout the world. 

Such as Broome; Western Australia, Philippines and Tahiti. 

Black Pearl & Diamond Pendant


Tahitian black pearl pendant 14.75mm with 8 baguette diamonds set in 18ct white gold. The fine mesh chain is made from 18ct white gold.

Multi Coloured Pearl Necklace


Tahitian multi-coloured round pearl necklace  9mm - 11.5mm with an 18ct white gold clasp containing 6 diamonds.

Tahitian Pearl Pendant


Black pearl 17mm on a 9ct white gold and 

neoprene necklace.

Baroque Pearl Necklace


Baroque pearl necklace 11mm - 14mm from Broome, Western Australia with a 14ct yellow gold clasp set containing 8 diamonds.

Golden Pearl Pendant


Gold Pearl 14mm from the Philippines with 12 diamonds set beautifully with an 18ct yellow gold enhancer.

Pearl Pendant with Pink Diamonds


Beautiful things com from Western Australia! A 12mm round saltwater white pearl from Broome and 4 pink diamonds from Argyle set in rose gold. Made into a beautiful pendant supported by a white gold and diamond bail.

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